We show a simple and intuitive approach to the theory of relativity

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Two questions to the reader

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The simplest solution is always the best

It is well known that the equation E = mc² is related to Einstein and his theory of relativity. But hardly anyone knows that there is also a simple proof for this relation which Einstein himself derived from the laws of classical physics.

Let us see what Max Born says about this topic.

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What did Richard Feynman mean about the Second Law of Motion? Where was the error?

Richard Feynman writes about Newton‘s Second Law of Motion in his work “Lectures on Physics” (Chapter 15):

For over 200 years the equations of motion enunciated by Newton were believed to describe nature correctly, and the first time that an error in these laws was discovered, the way to correct it was also discovered. Both the error and its correction were discovered by Einstein in 1905.

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